Lombardia Capital

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Our Investment Process

LCP offers three investment products: Small Cap Value, Small Cap Core and International Equity Value. We place a high premium on deep fundamental research, arriving independently at expectations of a company’s normalized profit and returns. After analyzing a universe appropriate to the respective product, we construct screens to identify undervalued businesses. We then determine if there will be an extended period of earnings and cash flow growth.

We implement our value investing philosophy through:

Deep fundamental research. Our research is rigorous, independent, and objective. Valuations drive our investment decisions as we focus on company and industry fundamentals rather than temporary, short-lived impairments to securities.

Group vetting. Investment committee members each face a high level of scrutiny for portfolio candidates as well as existing holdings. Our culture allows us to thoroughly and honestly challenge each other’s investment theses.

A long-term view. In valuing securities, we determine normalized earnings many years out, looking past a company’s tribulations and taking advantage of our patience. Under our model, portfolios and the relevant universe are constantly reviewed for the stocks that offer the highest discounts to intrinsic value.