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Founded in 1989, Lombardia Capital Partners has been offering investment management services for over 25 years. LCP manages approximately $1.4 billion* for institutional, public, corporate, multi-employer, and not-for-profit clients. Our senior portfolio management team has an average of 30 years of industry experience. LCP is employee owned and has offices in Southern California and Chicago, IL.

In 2003, the investment professionals of CIC/HCM Asset Management and Waite & Associates, two large cap value managers based in Los Angeles, joined Valenzuela Capital Partners. In 2006, a change in ownership brought a new firm name: Lombardia Capital Partners.

LCP chose its corporate name to honor the history and ever-changing nature of investments. The first merchant banks can be traced back to the Lombard plains of the Middle Ages. After 613, many of the displaced Jews who had fled Spanish persecution entered the trade, bringing to it ancient business customs originating along the Silk Road. The key innovations of calculating present values, discounting notes, and holding money against a bill originated in Lombardia and soon spread to the other great financial markets, eventually to Lombard Street in London and on to the New World.

LCP’s long track record has been generated through a consistent, research-driven investment process.

*As of December 31, 2016