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About Us

LCP manages approximately $2.1 billion* for institutional public, corporate, and foundation clients. Our senior portfolio management team has an average of 30 years of industry experience. LCP is 100% employee owned and has offices in Pasadena, CA and Chicago, IL.

LCP chose its corporate name to honor the history and ever-changing nature of investments, whose roots can be traced to the Middle Ages when the first merchant banks were formed to facilitate trade in the cereal crops of the Lombard plains. After 613, many of the displaced Jews who had fled persecution in Spain entered the trade. They brought to it ancient business customs that had grown to normalcy along the Silk Road to finance the long distance transport of goods. The key innovations of calculating present values, discounting “billetes,” or notes, written by brokers in the actual grain, and holding money against a bill (later, a note, a letter of formal exchange, a bill of exchange, and later still, a check), flourished in Lombardia and soon spread to the other great financial bourses of Florence, Genoa, Burgos, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and eventually to Lombard Street in London, and from there to satellite financial centers in Scotland, Ireland, back to Spain and Portugal, and on to the New World.

With the Lombardia name, we acknowledge that we are merely transitory fiduciaries of the investment profession, and we salute all those who brought the flame and passion of investments to us.

*As of December 31, 2015